March 25, 2013     |     Super 8

Baby 8!

Uncle Huntie!!! Thank you so, so much for this amazing Super 8 of Graham's arrival into this world! What a wonderful gift you have given us, Graham, Graham's children and Graham's grandchildren. You have created a family heirloom and we will cherish this always. I will never forget watching this on Christmas morning with you...every time I watch this film it brings tears to my eyes. This has been the best time of our entire lives. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother and now an amazing Uncle! Grahamie loves you so! Love, Char, Steph and G 
If you missed the hyperlink above, click here to watch a sweet little Super 8mm film that my brother created for us documenting our new family of three.

February 11, 2013     |     Personal

Life is sweet

December 27, 2012     |     Personal

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and happy new year from our family to yours!!! Our family portrait was taken once again by my talented friend Gayle Brooker. Thanks, Gayle! I am SO happy to have these photos of our little family, they are so special! xoxo, Char, Steph, Graham, Lexi and Augustin ("Goose")

December 26, 2012     |     Personal

Have a very hairy Christmas!

Do y'all remember this post from last year? Well the boys are back and I think they stepped it up a notch this year with this amazing video and most certainly by spreading holiday cheer around Charleston by handing out mustaches to people in Marion Square. I was once again honored to photograph my brother and his friends for their annual holiday card. Thanks guys! Can't wait for next year! Merry Merry!

December 24, 2012     |     Personal

Showers for Baby, Part III

This little post has been sitting in my blog queue forever!!! I delivered the bebe before I could post it and well, the past 5 months have been the busiest of my life! My sweet Charleston friends, Calder, Alesya and Ryan, three of my best friends in town, hosted a shower for me and it was so beautiful, it deserves to be shared. I feel so blessed to have each of these women in my life. When I first moved here, I used to say that I love Charleston because, well, it's Charleston!!! Now I can assuredly say that I love Charleston because of the amazing people I've met here. Thank you so much Calds, A and Ryan! Love you all! xoxo
Of course when your best friend is a wedding and interior designer, you can come to expect that her style and decor will blow you away. Check out the floral arrangements on the high chair and the bike...what a beautiful way to welcome guests.
Here's Calder's son, I'm kind of obsessed with this little guy.
And the arrangement on the dining table was just gorgeous!
The food was fabulous, catered by none other than the delicious Cru Catering.
The girls gifted this little Radio Flyer trike to Baby Z, isn't it sweet? It's sitting on the floor in the nursery right now and it's adorable.
Here's me and my friend Nicole.
My famous graphic designers, Amy and Courtney of Stitch Design Co.
My friend Stacey of Red Letter Events. I've met so many amazing women through my new career path as a photographer!
My former boss from Morgan Stanley, Martha.
My friends Meg, me, Emilie and Calds.
Three bumps! My friends Shannon and Stephanie. So excited that Baby Z will have so many amazing little friends!
My client and friend Elisabeth, you might remember her from this post.
Here's my friend Peggy, who also just had a baby boy. I had each person open a gift, which was so much fun! I highly recommend this if you don't like to be in the spotlight opening presents...everyone had so much fun being a part of it!
My trainer Catherine (she's amazing), Calds and me.
My friend Ryan who made me a Godmother to her son Edwin. He is the sweetest little guy ever.
And my bestie Alesya.
Thank you for taking pics of this event for me, Hunter!
And I adore this shot of me and the girls. Of course this is totally faux laughing but aren't belly laughs the best? Alesya, Calds and Ryan, thank you so much for this beautiful and memorable day. I am so grateful for your friendship and am looking forward to plenty of play dates soon! xoxo

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