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September 16, 2016     |     Personal

Spirit of Adventure

Friends, I have something to tell you. Our trip to Argentina was awesome, like knock your socks off amazing, inspiring and life changing. Every day was new and exciting. I loved learning Spanish with my tutor in the most beautiful cafes in the city; eating alfajores and watching my kids play in Plaza Armenia at sunset; and drinking Malbec and eating provoleta with Steph into the wee hours of the night. But when I came home, our family went in different directions (as in school and work) and I was stuck behind my computer editing photos and eating a lot of junk food! Our adventure was over and my spirit died a little. It was sad, and even though we weren't abroad very long, it was challenging for me to re-enter as the same person with the same routine and outlook on life. I thought a lot about what is next for me in my life, what exactly am I contributing, when we can go on our next adventure and what makes me the most happy? How can I find meaning in my work to make my life as fulfilling and exciting as it was when we were abroad exploring a new country? I listened to Ted Talks and a lot of self-help books on Audible, I found inspiration by watching the entire Chef's Table series on Netflix, and thought a lot about turning 37 years old! During this time, I looked at social media and felt more social isolation than connection. One day I said to myself "look at me, I am actually physically alone on my couch liking photos". By myself! This is just not acceptable to me anymore! If there is anything I took away from our trip to Argentina, it was watching people be engaged in the moment, in a conversation at lunch with a friend, being engaged in their own life, without the distraction of technology.  
So here is what I propose. Here is my heart song. I love capturing moments for people and the joy it brings them when they can see those moments come to life. I love creating, it moves me and fulfills me in a way I never knew was possible. I love adventure and I love being with people! There is no reason why I cannot always be on an adventure with my family, friends and new friends, even in my small town of Charleston! So what if for the year, I push myself to take pictures of these adventures! Not on an iphone but with my amazing cameras, and invite people to come on this journey with me! I have a few ideas in mind already and would love to hear what you would like to do as well! I feel that by organizing these outings, my adventure will live on! And I will be connecting with people in real life, in a real moment and have a REAL experience! Isn't that what life is all about? Actually living it instead of liking it on a computer screen? 
So who is with me? Some adventures will be for Moms, some for Moms and children, some for couples and some for the whole family. Some ideas I have so far are to go flounder gigging, do a beach bonfire series, travel to Bull's Bay, paint en plein air...some will cost money and some will be free. But here is the catch: these adventures are my gift to you. I want you to live in the moment and to feel a distance from technology. If you want to Instagram images immediately, this experience is not for you. I will take the pictures and you can Instagram them later, or keep them to yourself. Most of my adventures (not all) will also be alcohol free, only because I want you to go home feeling refreshed and inspired and have a productive weekend with your family. If there are any proceeds from these events, the profit will go directly to the Lowcountry Maritime Society (more on them in a later post). I look forward to shining a light on this incredible new organization. I feel so good about this! I already feel like I am living a more meaningful life and I haven't even started! I feel like I am setting a good example for my children by encouraging them to get outside and learn something new. I will be pushing myself in my own photography work and I cannot wait to see my portfolio after a year of adventuring.  
Here are the deets for the first adventure:  
Saturday, October 8th  
Meet at Huriyali downtown for a meet and greet! 
Eat delicious Acai Bowls! 
Travel together to Folly Beach for a 2 hour surf lesson with Kai at Sol Surfers 
Have an inspiring time together in the water, cheer for each other, take it all in!!!!  
Dance party on the way home 
Jean shorts and trucker hats encouraged! 
No phones (if you can)!  
First come first served - I honestly have no idea what kind of response I will get here! (eek!) 14 people max! 
Cost is approx $200 for lesson, food and transport with all proceeds going to Lowcountry Maritime Society 
You will have some awesome pics of yourself on adventure, new friends and a whole heck of a lot of fun! 
Holler back with your adventure ideas and let me know what you'd like to do and learn! Absolutely cannot wait to have an adventure with you! XOXO, Char 
PS: I am still taking wedding clients, doing portraits and a crazy amount of commercial work. I absolutely love my work and this adventure series is an extension of that love, it is a passion project I am doing in my free time for my own soul.

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