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December 14, 2011     |     Personal


I really didn't think that I could have any more room in my heart for another puppy. Lexi has been like our only child since before we were married and we couldn't even imagine having another pup to share our attention...but as luck would have it, Steph and I were wandering around a local festival when we saw the cutest little puppy...we paid $1 to give him a hug, then we started asking questions, took down some numbers, had a serious conversation about another dog...then one thing led to another and the puppy was at our house for a "trial period" to see if he would be a good fit for our home. Well, of course the trial period is over and he's still here with us and is the sweetest little love. Lexi is starting to love him and he is quite the cuddler. Would you believe his mom is a Golden Retriever? The rescue wasn't sure about his Dad...the vet suggests that he's part Black and Tan Hound or maybe even Shar Pei! I've always loved the name Augustin and Steph agreed that he could be french (bien sur!) but he goes by "Goose"...which is a perfect little name for nicknames like Gooseybear and Goosebump. He is so cute and I'm so thrilled that we have another little creature in our house to love and take care of and grow old with. We are pretty sure, at this point, that Lexi is pretty happy too. With out further ado, I'd like to introduce you to our petit Augustin.
Here is is watching Lexi swim...he's still taking his time deciding if he likes the water.
Oh yes, of course there was room in my heart for these long ears flapping in the wind!
And to see my two pups playing on the beach makes my heart melt!
Here he is as a little tiny guy....he gets bigger every day!
And my two little pups standing on the front doorstep.
Here he is waiting for some cuddle time in bed.

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