joyce  thanks and thank you again  8/24/14, 10:48PM
marni  So beautiful! Uncle Hunter is the best!  4/2/13, 1:20PM
Gayle  This is SO SWEET! I love it so much.  3/25/13, 3:21PM
Emily Cagwin  Beautiful. Love the rolling over footage.  3/25/13, 2:45PM
Shannon Oleksak  Charlotte! This is amazing!! I adore this videoHunter did such a great job : )  3/25/13, 9:48AM
Alesya  Such happiness in this video! I loved it all. What amazing work Hunter!  3/25/13, 8:47AM
Leigh  Tears rolling down my face and he's not even my baby! :) What a precious keepsake to have for baby Graham and his family who loves him so!!!! Well done!  3/25/13, 8:46AM
Whitney  That was awesome! Brought tears toy eyes too;)  3/25/13, 8:23AM